Posted by: Andries Louw | 16 March 2010

Shout out against crime!!

This afternoon I watched the new South African version of the 1985 hit song, Shout that was released today on The song, originally performed by Tears for Fears, was a protest song against injustices in the world towards the end of the cold war. David O’Sullivan devoted a lot of airtime to it on his show on Talk radio 702 today.

South African artists Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane were so shocked by the murder of that legendary reggae star, Lucky Dube in 2007 that they mobilised a whole crowd of artists and celebrities to do something against crime.

They gave the song a new South African flavour and created the SHOUT foundation to raise funds for various charities and causes that help in the prevention of crime and to help victims of crime. Sms shout to 33335 to download it and donate R20.

Here’s what I like about this initiative:

  • It isn’t just another song for just another campaign
  • It’s about more than just awareness
  • It actually raises money for charity
  • This money will be given to organisations that are positioned to prevent crime and to help crime victims
  • They have partnered with Crimeline (sms tip-offs to 32211) and the SA Police
  • There is a powerful story behind this campaign of two artists who were moved by the death of a friend and then mobilised a significant section of South Africa’s music industry
  • I feel passionate about this after my own hijacking ordeal 2 weeks ago.
  • Apparently everybody involved in the production did it free of charge

So go ahead and visit, sms shout to 33335 and help make this the most downloaded song in South Africa. Tweet about it, talk about it on Facebook, email about it, blog about it…




  1. Its great that these artists and others are standing up and doing something positive. We live in a great country and more initiatives like this can make such a difference. Well done! Great song ang execelent music video. Thank You

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