Posted by: Andries Louw | 20 November 2010

Riding the 94.7 Cycle challenge for Global Relief

Tomorrow morning, Sunday 21 November, I will be riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. My history with this amazing race goes back some ten years. The atmosphere is really something special with thousands of cyclists and spectators filling and lining the streets of Joburg. The best thing about the race is that there is full road closure and that for one day in the year you can ride your bicycle on the M1 and the N14 without any vehicles in sight. That feels powerful!

I did the race in 2000, 2001 and 2002. In 2003 I got married and somehow found it much more difficult to continue exercising and racing. In 2008 I finally got myself to ride again but did so with very little practice. Same story last year but this year I really didn’t exercise at all so I’m expecting a lot of pain…

This year I will be riding to raise funds for Global Relief, the organisation I am involved with. Global Relief is an organisation of volunteers that assist the survivors of communities that have been struck by disasters. Most of our work was done on large earthquake scenes in countries such as Turkey, Algeria, India and Iran. We had teams working in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami. We also supported the victims of the xenophobic violence in Johannesburg in 2008.

At the moment we are looking at ways in which to support local communities in South Africa when they are struck by disasters such as fires and floods. We work with volunteers and our focus areas are medical, psychosocial (psychological first aid and training of local leaders) and engineering (structural and water engineers).

You can read more about Global Relief at Why don’t you click here to sponsor me for riding the 94.7 by making a secure online donation towards Global Relief? Thank you for your support!


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